ServInfo Project Information

Having operated multiple servers for over 15 years, one of our recurring issues had been finding a useful free tool to monitor those servers. we found that the tools you could get for ‘free’ did not really provide what we wanted, which was a quick dashboard listing the metrics we were interested in for our servers.

ServInfo is our solution to that problem. Initially intended for our internal use, we soon decided if we were willing to spend the time to build this tool, there must be others out there who would also be interested, at least in how we built the tool. One of our additional goals was to make it easy to follow the code and find the examples of how we did this or that. We are not saying the code is cutting edge or that it follows best practices, only that it is viable, uncomplicated code with plenty of notes. Additionally, a lot of the basic functions needed for any web based project, like an installer and update routines, are also incorporated into the ServInfo project.

ServInfo is only designed to monitor Debian Based Linux Systems at this time

Project Roadmap:

  • Stand Alone Client – Public Beta
  • WordPress Client – Public Beta
  • Stand Alone Server – Public Beta
  • WordPress Server – Planning Stage
  • Public Cloud Server – Planning Stage